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Day 1:: ethical consumerism

Day one is one of my favorite days in GOODchristmas. Over the past few my husband and I have tried to buy as many gifts from socially conscious groups as possible. We’ve found more and more places that we just love, not only for how they are social minded and have a good cause, but also because I LOVE the creative, fun and beautiful products that they sell. The last 2 years I have been intentional not only buying these items for those I love, but also putting these items on my own “wish lists” that go out to family members.


For obvious reasons I can’t post the gifts I am buying for people this year…I can’t spoil the surprise!!! But here are some of the things I’ve done in the past – 2009 and 2010.


One thing I want to do this year is buy our traditional yearly Christmas ornament for each of us from groups such as Heavenly Treasures and Trade as One. Ornament’s are simple and carry special sentimental value for so many people. It’s a great idea as a gift for friends, extended family, teachers, co-workers, gift-exchange party, etc.  Many are only $3-$5 a piece and are handcrafted with a beautiful story of hope. Some of my favorite ornaments are these handcrafted “Birds of Hope” from a social enterprise group in Santa Ana called Morning Garden.


Well, day one is almost over and day 2 is almost here. Tomorrow’s GOODchristmas experience is “Second Chances“.

GOODchristmas 2011

I’m so excited to be on year #3 of GOOODchristmas!!! Last year I talked about the what and why of GOODchristmas and it was fun to hear your comments and your stories of participating in GOODchristmas experiences. Simply put, it stemmed from my love of the advent calendar growing up and inspiration from The Kingdom Experiment. But watch the video, because there is much more to it then that. It’s about starting traditions for my kids that are rooted in love, compassion, forgiveness, and generosity. It’s about overflowing with kindness and love not bills from over spending. It’s about giving “gifts” that touch the soul, not just look good wrapped under the tree. It’s about loving people the way that Christ loved us and the reason we can celebrate this season.


I look forward to seeing those of you that joined me last year again this year as well as some new faces. Maybe this is not a new way of living out the spirit of Christmas for you, but I’d love for you to share with me and others what you have done and/or are doing. Hearing your stories is always such a blessing and inspiration.


I’ve been on an EXTREME crafting kick lately (just ask the husband) and this year I finally made my GOODchristmas Advent Calender. My inspiration came from where else but Pintrest.


The gourgeous vase with willow branches was created by my good friend Maribel Toan, of Bohemian Rose. She created it to display hand-crafted jewelry for an event I’ve helped head-up called, Kuvina. She gave it to me after as a gift and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!.

The numbered pieces idea came from Holly L blog. She has a tutorial on it. My rounded-edged squares I found @ Joanns fabrics in the wood craft section. they came in a set of 6 and they were labeled as coasters.


Each day the kids will have a number “ornament” to hang on the tree and on the back is the “GOODchristmas experiences” of the day.


I will post each Sunday what the up-coming weeks “GOODchristmas experiences” are and will blog about my and my families experiences doing them. Won’t you join me in this adventure of experiencing this Christmas season in a new and heart-changing way.

Project:: Blankie

This project is the work of one amazing and loving 5th grader. Her name is Rhiannon and her goal is raise 300+ blankets for the homeless in Santa Ana.

Please read below for more info::


MISSION: When we surveyed the homeless they said one of their biggest needs were blankets. So my goal is to provide them with warmth in the winter. I also want to show them that they are not alone and remind them God is watching over them.

GOAL: Our goal is to collect/make at least 300 blankets. I also hope to encourage others to try to make a difference with their ideas but mostly to be there for the homeless and show them God’s love.


How you can help: You can help us by donating new or gently used blankets. You can also make A project by Rhiannon Toan a monetary donation towards purchases of new blankets (ask Maribel Toan). Collection: I am collecting the blankets from now until December 10. Please contact my mom, Maribel, to coordinate pick up/delivery (leave a comment or email me and I will give you Maribel’s contact).


Thanks so much for helping Rhiannon and sharing love with those in need of some extra warmth and compassion this season. May you be blessed with how you bless others!!!

2011 tree… Per JC ally he other trees were either too little or too big. This one was just right!!!

I hope this not @soverpeck turning prophetic. My 6 yr anniversary card

No words…

A friend of mine was in this video, that’s how i found out about it… It was overwelming for me…no words, just streaming tears. I hope this video will bless you today, as it has me.    

My big little man

My Micah moo-moo

Date night with @soverpeck


For as long as I could remember I have loved “crafty” things. I never thought of it as art, nor did I think much of it other than I liked to do it. But over the past few years I have come to a deeper understanding and passion for the creative. Art and the act of creating has been redefined in my ever shaping paradigm. Just loved this video put out by ROCKHARBOR church:: CREATE.