Breastfeeding Cover

How to make your own Breastfeeding cover!

Breastfeeding Cover

Breastfeeding Cover

When I was pregnant with my 2nd “little guy” (who is not so little…we call him Moo-moo), a friend of mine told me how she found this free pattern for breastfeeding covers online!

I was really wanting one, but was having a difficult time with the idea of a piece of material costing $30+. So, embarked on my cover-making-extravaganza! I made 3 in one evening; gave 2 away as gifts and one for myself.

After using mine for the past 7 months now, there were some things that i felt were lacking from the pattern that I found, and I wanted to share my new found ideas with others…hope you find them helpful.

I use a lot of pics to help illustrate because that’s what I find most helpful for me – ENJOY!


* 1 yard Fabric (for a great selection check out M&L fabrics)

* D ring – I used 1 1/4 inch

* Corset Boning. You need 1/2 yard @ ~1/4 inch wide and most stiff (wow, that got dirty fast!)

* Thread

* Iron and ironing board (optional, but it makes things so much easier sew)

* Snaps and attacker

Lets get started!

1. Cut fabric 26″x38″

2. Cut out straps 5″x10″ and 5″x31″ (straps are 2″ wide finished – you want at least 2″ wide straps)

3. Fold in a total of 1″ on each side (1/2″ then again 1/2″ to hide raw edges) – do both the 26″ side first, than ONE 38″side. IRON then sew.

4. Fold strap pieces in half (right side together). Sew

BB cover 028

5. Press seams in the center of the strap.

strap collage

6. Cut angle at one end of 31″ strap. Sew, then turn straps right side out. IRON (keeping the seam in the center)strap collage_2

7. Turn raw edges of the straps in.D ring collage

8. Sew D ring onto end of 10″ strap (sew as close to the D ring as possible to keep the rings from turning around when you’re using it.

9. Press 1/2″ heem on other 38″ side , then fold over 2″. Press.


10. Pin straps to cover between 9-11″ on either side of cover (with 18″ between the straps).

finishing collage

11. Sew top first, then down the edge of both straps.

12. Start to sew the bottom, but stop @ the beginning of the 2nd strap, insert the boning, then finish sewing. Now you have a cover ready to use. Next are the accessories.

13. Cut a triangle 8″x8″x11″ from a washcloth, burp rag, or soft absorbent blanket. I used a blanket with a finished edge so I did not have to do it.

14. Press under1/2 on both shorter sides (8″ sides), then pin to bottom coroner of cover. Sew leaving open the top so it makes a pocket to put your breast pads in during nursing. Use to wipe babies face after nursing.

15. Cut 1.5″x4″ from leftover cover material. Fold in half length wise. Sew.accessory collage

16. Turn right side out. Press seam in center and turn raw edges in. Sew both ends.

17. Attach snaps to the ends. This is what I used. It was relatively easy.

18. Using freehand slip stitch attach “pacifier holder” to cover, just above pocket.

19. Enjoy for yourself, or as a beautifully thoughtful gift for a friend.

You will have enough leftover material from the 1 yard to make a matching wipe holder, burp cloth as well as a decorative gift bag, if giving as a gift.

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