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It’s time to DANCE! I’m posting this morning about this AMAZING event coming up. More details will be coming soon – Kuvina. You can also register to attended via FB events.

We are never too young to change the world!

Kuvina: kids + art = LIFE for Malawi

What: An Art Fair that is raising money to build a well in Nkhoma, Malawi

When: Saturday, June 26th, 2010 @ 3pm

Where: Newsong Irvine in The HUB

Why you should get involved: Because our kids should have the chance to make a difference in the life of other kids. They should know that they are NEVER too young and that they ALWAYS something to give that can CHANGE THE WORLD for good.

Kuvina means “to dance” in the Malawian native language –Chichewa.

Kuvina is an opprotunity for kids to make a difference in other kids lives in a fun and tangible way. For every Sunday in month of May kids in Noah’s Place will be partnered with an artist to create pieces of art. Then on Saturday, June 26th @ 3pm they will host “Kuvina: An Art Fair” where their art will be on display and auctioned off. The money that is brought in will build a water well for the families in Nkhoma, Malawi (the village we support through Y-Malawi). It costs $6,200 to build a well and the goal is to raise this whole amount.

So parents, SAVE THE DATE! Invite friends and family to come see the amazing art these kid(s) have created. This is a great chance for kids to see how they can use their “normal days events” to make a lasting change in the lives of others. Their will be a “sneak preview” of some of the art pieces on Father’s Day in the HUB.

A deep well can bring new health and life to a village. When drilling teams strike water, entire villages erupt in celebration because a clean water source can cut a community’s child mortality rate in half.
Help kids “to dance” – KUVINA – and celebrate new life with the community of Nkhoma, Malawi!

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Wipe Holder Cover

Custom Wipe Case

Saw these at a boutique, selling for $35+ … WHAT?!?! That’s crazy! This project was too easy to pass up making. I have a lot of friends that really wanted the holder after they saw it in the the store… thought it would make for some great gifts!


* Plastic wipe holder (I found my square one @ Babies-R-U, and the Huggies one with the rounded edges @ CVS)

* Left over fabric from breastfeeding cover (or new fabric). 4.5″x8.5″ and 4.75″x8.75″ for the rectangular one and just traced around the Huggies

* Ribbon (or another type of trim)

* Sticky Strip tape (from Stampin’ Up. My Demonstrators name is Christine Harlin – you will love her!)

* Hot Glue

How to make your Wipe Holder Cover

1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 4.5″ x 8.5″ (top) and 4.75″ x 8.75″ (bottom)

2. Line edges of both top and bottom with sticky strip tape and attach fabric.

3. Attach ribbon along the edges using hot glue.

4. Accessorize as you wish!!!

See. I told you it was super easy!