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Projects I’ve Been Busy With

Been keeping busy with some fun projects over past few weeks. I only see it increasing now that Christmas is getting closer and closer. I have some exciting things planned in addition to GOODchristmas. I’m missing a pic of a large wipe case that I made for my friend April Diaz – who just came back with her husband Brain from meeting their 2 kiddos for the first time about 1 week ago (I highly recommend checking out her blog).

If you want to know how I make the ribbon boards, check out my tutorial HERE.

Check back for my Special Thanksgiving Post

on Friday.  Thanks to my friend and very talented “crafter” Alissa Circle of Rags to Stitches Boutique for her help with this up coming project!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Sad To See You Go…

So sad…my friend Janice from work is moving up to N. Cali with her husband and two boys.  I thought making her a Ribbon Picture Board that she can put pictures of all our fun times together on the CVICU would be a nice going away gift. I also made her a Wipe case (How-To blog coming for this), because I remember her seeing one a few months back and wanting one.

Ribbon Picture Board (3 color/style)

Ribbon Picture Board (3 color/style)

Wipe Holder

Wipe Holder

I did some things a little different on this Ribbon Picure Baord than I talked about on my eariler post (see, no need to go word for word…allow yourself some creative freedom… let me know how it goes – I’d love to see pictures of your projects!)

For starters, I one used 3 types of ribbon. I didn’t think i could do this at first. I was about to told off on this project until I could get more ribbon, but then I thought I should just try and see what happens. As luck would have it, I really like how it turned out.

Can’t wait to give Janice her gifts tomorrow!

Ribbon Picture Board

Ribbon board and wipe holderI got this idea from a picture @ Michael’s craft store. It’s super cute and fun. It can be done both on a small scale or large scale.


* Canvas (16″x20″ is what I used in the demo, but I’ve done as small as 10″x13″ and as large as 26″x48″). I get my cavases from Michaels

* Ribbonyou will need at least 7 differnet colors/patterns of ribbon. The amount depends on your canvas size. For 16″x20″ you will need at least 4ft of each (you will have some leftovers). I get my ribbon from Michaels and Stampin’ Up!

* Push Pins (ones with long neck) – clear and white (or colored if you’d like)

* Small Paper Clips – with plastic covering. White or colored.

* Hot Glue

* Accessories – Ex: Chip board (mine is from Stampin’ Up!) – letters, numbers, shapes, tags, etc.

* Pictures – to post on your board when you’re finished.

How to Make a Ribbon Picture Board

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