GOODchristmas Count Down

Growing up, one of my favorite traditions was the advent calendar. I love the anticipation each day of something special. Some of the calendars had chocolate treats, others little gifts, and others it was just the pushing the bead over to the other side until the star landed on the top of the tree. But no matter how simple the prizes would be, both of my sisters and I were gitty with excitement when it was our day for the advent calendar.

This year I wanted to to start an advent calendar with my boys. The only question was what kind. And then it hit me (nothing really fell and hit me, though that would have been a funny story – just this idea popped into my head), I wanted an advent calendar that help us remember to be thinking and giving to others… uh, with a chocolate candy attached of course.

So, this year we will intentional do something for someone each day.

Day 1

December 1st – Today we sent a special birthday card and gift to our world vision sponsored little girl. Her name is Rakheda and she is 11 years old and her Birthday is in January (just like my boys’). We wrote her a note on her card and I made the bag, J.C. colored her a picture of one of his favorite things – “car car” (in the words of J.C.), and than made and ornament with her picture on it that we can hang on the tree, then put on the refrigerator after Christmas to help us think about her, her family and village, and pray for them more regularly.  Here’s a picture:

Day 01

This post is late, but I will share our Day 2 later today.

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