Day 1:: ethical consumerism

Day one is one of my favorite days in GOODchristmas. Over the past few my husband and I have tried to buy as many gifts from socially conscious groups as possible. We’ve found more and more places that we just love, not only for how they are social minded and have a good cause, but also because I LOVE the creative, fun and beautiful products that they sell. The last 2 years I have been intentional not only buying these items for those I love, but also putting these items on my own “wish lists” that go out to family members.


For obvious reasons I can’t post the gifts I am buying for people this year…I can’t spoil the surprise!!! But here are some of the things I’ve done in the past – 2009 and 2010.


One thing I want to do this year is buy our traditional yearly Christmas ornament for each of us from groups such as Heavenly Treasures and Trade as One. Ornament’s are simple and carry special sentimental value for so many people. It’s a great idea as a gift for friends, extended family, teachers, co-workers, gift-exchange party, etc.  Many are only $3-$5 a piece and are handcrafted with a beautiful story of hope. Some of my favorite ornaments are these handcrafted “Birds of Hope” from a social enterprise group in Santa Ana called Morning Garden.


Well, day one is almost over and day 2 is almost here. Tomorrow’s GOODchristmas experience is “Second Chances“.

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