GOODchristmas Day 3

‘Tis the season! Everyone has shopping on the brain, right?! And the pressures on to find the PREFECT gift. At least that’s how it feels to me at times.

This years craziness, like for many others, has caused my husband and I to think more carefully about the way we spend our money. In some ways, we wish we could buy all these cool new things for the people we love and care about, because we want to show them what a blessing they have been in our lives. But lately we’ve been challenged about what these “gifts” really mean. The meaning behind the things that we buy has become very important to us. We want what we spend our money on to mean something and maybe, just maybe do some good for someone else in the process.

So today, Day 3, we kept with the spirit of gift giving a purchased these AMAZING wallets from this organization called Plywood People. Blue Recycled WalletThe wallets are made with reclaimed & recycled billboard materials by Guatemalan urban artists. A percentage of profits go to building homes for Mayan widows. Each wallet is unique – one of a kind.

How cool for the person receiving the gift, one GREAT wallet and the knowledge that they helped put a roof over somebody’s head. They are now apart of something BIGGER then themselves; We are apart of something bigger then ourselves. And someone else’s life is dramatically changed for the better. Three for 3 on day 3.

And inside the wallet we put a fun gift card to a place the person enjoys.

This holiday season we’ve been looking for more opportunities to bless the people we love as well as make a difference in someone else’s life at the same time. And there are so many other organizations out there like Plywood People. Groups like TOMS shoes, Krochet Kids, Acholi BeadsCharity Water, and Loveless Apparel – just to mention a few. Some of these groups even have gifts for young kids (which I especially like!!!)

Happy Shopping! Hope you enjoy fussing gifting and cause as much as we have!


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