Friday Fun!

This past Friday was the first day at my mom’s group. I’m co-leading a class through this book called The Kingdom Experiment. It is an creditable book! I dare you to read experience it – it might just change your life.

Anyways, it was the first day, so it was mostly introductions (to each other  and the book). So afterwards I had “craft” time planned. Each of us personalized our books’ with letter stickers and then made these fun bookmarks.

Here’s a picture of one I made when I got home:

Ribbon Bookmarks

The materials I used are:

* Ribbon

* Clear buttons – round and square (from Stampin’ Up)

* Colored eyelets (used eyelet setting tool to punch hole in ribbon and set eyelets)

To get started:

1 – Cut the ribbon the length of the book you want the bookmark for, plus 3″

2 – Fold one end of the ribbon under (about 1/2″)

3 – Punch a small hole with the eyelet tool kit

4 – Set the eyelet of your choice (the stores as well as companies like Stampin’ Up have different shaped eyelets as well – supper cute!)

5 – On the other end thread the ribbon through the button (you can tie a knot at the end if you want. I did with one of mine).

**On the orange ribbon bookmark I first stamped the button with crafting ink (or you can use stays-on ink) and then embossed it. I LOVE EMBOSSING!**

I did these two ribbons in about 10 minutes (with my 13 month old playing in the background). This is a fun project to do with some “Book Club” friends, or to give a simple, but creative and thoughtful gift. ENJOY!

A picture of the bookmark in use (the book is my The Kingdom Experiment book). The bookmark in the picture is the one that my Aunt gave to me and what sparked the idea for this craft.

Bookmark in good use!

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