Ribbon Picture Board

Ribbon board and wipe holderI got this idea from a picture @ Michael’s craft store. It’s super cute and fun. It can be done both on a small scale or large scale.


* Canvas (16″x20″ is what I used in the demo, but I’ve done as small as 10″x13″ and as large as 26″x48″). I get my cavases from Michaels

* Ribbonyou will need at least 7 differnet colors/patterns of ribbon. The amount depends on your canvas size. For 16″x20″ you will need at least 4ft of each (you will have some leftovers). I get my ribbon from Michaels and Stampin’ Up!

* Push Pins (ones with long neck) – clear and white (or colored if you’d like)

* Small Paper Clips – with plastic covering. White or colored.

* Hot Glue

* Accessories – Ex: Chip board (mine is from Stampin’ Up!) – letters, numbers, shapes, tags, etc.

* Pictures – to post on your board when you’re finished.

How to Make a Ribbon Picture Board

1. Chose color scheme. For this project I chose blue, white and brown.

2. Play around with ribbon set-up. See what you like the best, take a picture so you have something to reference while attaching the ribbon.

ribbon layout

3. Start attaching ribbon. Start at one side and leave at least 2″ extra of ribbon on each side. This will make it easier to attach the ribbon. Use hot glue and/or staple gun to attach ribbon.

measuring ribbon

4. Attach one side (let glue dry), then pull ribbon as tight as possible. The ribbon needs to lay as tight to the board as possible so the pictures can be held in place.

attached ribbon

5. When you’re finished with one side, measure out your ribbon of the next side and glue/staple one end to the canvas (only ONE)

attached ribbon 2

6. Weave the new ribbon in and out of the already place ribbon. Attach the other end of ribbon to the canvas.

weaving ribbon

7. Accessorise with decorated chip board letters/numbers. I used a tag with the word “twins” stamped on it, because the board is for some friends @ my work that are, SURPRISE… having twins.

finished board

8. Tie pieces of ribbon to small colored paper clips. Use on magnet part of board, to help keep pictures attacted to ribbon, or just to embellshments to your pictures.

9. Tie pieces of ribbon to pushpins. The pushpins can be pushed into the canvas just fine, without anything behind it. Feel free to attach corec board to the back if you want. I did it once and it did not seem to help, just added more time and money to the project.

10. If giving as a gift, attach picture(s) to display what the board is for.

Ribbon board and wipe holder

This project is so much fun, I think I’ve made 6 in the past 2 or so months as gifts.

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