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Celebrations Day!

Every 6 weeks the TRU series does a Celebration Day – a time to show case and celebrate both what the kids have done as well as reflect on the lessons learned and God’s love, faithfulness and promises.  And as always, the Home Front coordinated with the coming Sunday.  So we celebrated our own time of “Jubilee” with fun, food, and family. Here’s our pictures from the day::

JC’s New Shoes!

Just got them in a last week…JC’s first pair of Tiny Toms! They are too cute. His favorite part was the flag. And after Halloween he’s been calling them his “Batman” shoes.

Family Weekend Fun

Family retreat this weekend. Having a little fun before checking in

Floating Prayers

Last night was Home Front night with the boys. We took a “caravan” with Abram to the land of Canaan [Genesis 12:1-9].  JC “played” Abram and hitched a ride on Scott [our Camel of the evening]. As we read through the passage we journeyed through our front yard. When we reached v8, we stopped at our little mound, which served as a hill. Then I remembered that I brought bubbles with us, so I opened them up and we read v8::

He moved on from there to the hill.. and prayed to God.

We blow the bubbles like prayers up to God. We prayed for JC’s friend/classmate that has not been at school this week. We prayed for God to keep him safe and to bless his family!

The visual of the bubbles floating up and up and up as we prayed, was like watching our prayers being brought up to God. It’s kind a silly comparison,  I know. I’m sure I could find a bunch of ways that “theologically” this is a bad comparison if you try to go too deep with it.

But I loved the JOY that our family had in the front yard, blowing bubbles of prayers to God together.

Scott, JC and Micah blowing "prayer bubbles"

JC with his backpack {representing taking all his possessions on his journey like Abram} blowing his bubble praise and prayers to God

When was the las time that you had FUN and JOY while you prayed to God?

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