GOODchristmas Day 2

Today’s “Count Down” was inspirited by two things – A friend,  Sarah Markley’s blog post and the book The Kingdom Experiment.

Sarah’s post was on giving 2nd chances.  I loved how she said it – “Grace changes people: hardened ears, solidified hearts and broken people are softened by the grace that you and I can give.”

This next part is going to be a hard and a little controversial. I’m going through this book called The Kingdom Experiment, it’s a study/action/experience of the beatitudes (Matthew 5). On the section on mercy, one of the “experiments” states – “Many communities have a Web site where you can locate sex offenders who live in the area. Find out where an offender lives near you and anonymously send that person a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Include an encouraging letter.”

A 2nd chance on the 2nd of December

We all desire a 2nd chance, because we’ve all been given a 2nd chance (at the very least). Today my husband and I will chose someone we know to extend grace and give a 2nd chance too, as well as send a note of encouragement and gift card to a local sex offender.

Here’s a copy of our letter.
Day 2

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