GOODchristmas Day 4

Friday tends to be fairly busy for our family. I have a Mom’s group that I attend in the morning and we have a couples small group in the evening. Today I had an extra meeting after my mom’s group that kept me there until 1pm, then rushed home on the 55  parking lot with  the cutes boys in this world having a crying matched in the back seat (They won!).

When we got home there was lunch to be made and eaten, naps to be taken (that never happened by the way), dinner to be made for small group as well as having to read the chapter in the book we are studying (that we had the past 2 weeks to read and procrastinated until now) and be ready to lead the discussion.

I was talking to my husband about what we should do for group tonight and I remembered what one of my friends from small group said to me: “We should talk about how our holiday was.”  My husband loved the idea. And at that moment my friends words inspired our ACTION of the day.

Day 4 is about giving to COMMUNITY. It would have been so easy to stay on course for tonight and discuss chapter 8. And what’s wrong with that? Learning how to be better parents is a good thing (that’s what our book is on). But just doing it because it’s what’s next or it’s what “needs” to be done, does not make it the BEST thing.  Today we are practicing giving up something good for something that is better. Today we will work on not letting the business of life and the “urgent” needs of now, rob us of experiencing the joy of friendships and community.

How have you let the buisness of  the season – of life – keep you from your COMMUNITY?

Sad =( no picture today. It was just too difficult to drive the car and take a pic of the boys crying over each other.

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