December is HERE! GOODchristimas has begun!

Growing up, one of my favorite traditions was the Advent calendar. I loved the anticipation and having something special every day. It made it about the journey building up to Christmas, and not just about the one day.

Now that I’m a mom and building traditions for our family, and doing all the “Christmas-y things”, it seems like December just flies by. I’m sure it feels that way for a lot of you too. And sometimes it seems like the busyness just steals away from the purpose, the joy, the love, and the true meaning of Christmas.

About 3 years ago, I wanted to bring in the Advent calendar as a tradition for my kids, but I was challenged to try something a little different too. I loved the anticipation part, but I had been learning about what it meant to be more intentional about the way that I lived, and I really wanted Christmas and the things that I did during this time to be intentional towards the real meaning and purpose of Christmas as well.

So, I set out to create an Advent calendar that had intentional actions that incorporated the heart of Christmas. I hoped that through these intentional experiences and actions I could better celebrate and enjoy the beautiful gift of Jesus and God’s love, by actually living out the meaning each day: in my home, with my community and church, as well as with strangers.

For me, it’s was more than just reading the Christmas story from the Bible each day, it’s about LIVING it out in the everyday ordinary hustle and bustle. It was about choosing how to spend those moments and minutes, not just letting myself be overtaken by them. It was about not letting the meaning get lost in the chaos of one day, but about living a season of intentional love, joy, goodness, and compassion towards others. I’ve learned, both from Christ’s life and his birth that he was about action and living out his purpose and love.

And that’s what GOODchrstimas is about. From December 1st to the 25th, each day taking an action step in living out Christmas.

GOODchristmas — Finding Christ in Christmas

Day #1 – Ethical Consumerism

“Business will change the world. It will do so faster and more drastically than ever. And we hold the controls. If we begin to base our business decisions on our values, business will transform to accommodate us, and will take the shape of the values that we hold in common – fairness, compassion, and respect for the earth.” – James Pearson.

‘Tis the season! Everyone has shopping on the brain, right? And the pressures on to find the PERFECT gift! So this season put the true meaning of Christmas into gifts that you buy. Don’t just buy gifts, but let the gifts you do buy share love and compassion with others – just like God has done for us by sending Jesus. Put your money where your heart is (not other other way around). Let your purchases reflect the true heart of God – love and compassion.

Purchase gifts from businesses that are making a difference in the lives of the marginalized like:

TOMS shoes – With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One

Krochet Kids – great beanies and scarves made by and that support Ugandan women

Acholli Beads – beautiful paper beaded jewelry made by and in support of women in Africa

Roozt – All featured brands are fashion-forward companies

Charity: Water – where 100% of the money that is given goes to water projects in impoverished areas around the world

Plywood People – Artistic and one-of-a-kind bags and wallets made with reclaimed & recycled billboard materials by Guatemalan urban artists. A percentage of profits builds new homes for Mayan widows.

Or even…Starfish Projects, International Princess Project, Urdenet, Freedom and Fashion

 Do ALL your shopping this Christmas with social justice woven into every purchase.

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