GOODchristmas Day 6

So sad I missed out on posting yesterday. I was thinking all day about what to write about; it was AWESOME day! I thought: should I write about the INSPIRING JR. HIGHER that is giving up his Christmas gifts this year to raise money for kids in Malawi OR the powerful stories of lives being changed everyday by people just saying YES to loving and serving someone different then themselves. How about the fun of meeting up with new friends, Chad and Sarah Markley and their girls in the middle of Old Town Orange, surrounded by other families and the joyful holiday spirit!

So many things to love about yesterday!

On our way home from our fun filled day I decided to stop and pick up a nice hot cup-o-joe.

Oh peppermint mocha how you speak to my soul.

Needless to say, it was a long line. After I finished ordering, and the barista was giving me back my change I put it ALL in the tip jar (bills included!). For me personally this is a challenge – I don’t normally tip nor do I tip well when I do – I know I’m HORRIBLE! (Luckily, being married to my husband has helped me to grow in this area and be a more generous giver in this way.)

Anyways, I’m  sure things had been crazy all day for those barista’s, especially with a HUGH annual city event going on and a college in finals mode down the street. In crazy times like these, we all deserve a little encouragement, a feel-good tip if you will, just for making through the day!

Day 6: “Thank-you-for-making-it-through-your-crazy-day” TIP

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