GOODchristmas Day 9

Today is JC’s speach day. I thought I’d be productive and get an earn or two done while he was in therapy.

Bad idea!

Trying to do anything that requires driving during lunch rush, standing in line and have multiple stops during the holiday season – all in one hour – What was I thinking! On top of it all I left my bank card at home and had to stop of at the bank. All after waiting in all the lines at Joann’s, just to find out I had nothing to buy the stuff with.

Started to let the stress get to me as I was heading to pick up the boys -LATE. I was stopped at a light and about to turn onto the freeway when I saw this car trying to merge as all the cars quickly closed up any openings. My first thought was, “I’m in a hurry; no time to wait,” but I knew I needed to do something to change my stressed level and self-focused thinking, so I let the guy merge in front of me.

WOW! It really did help deescalate my stress and anxiety levels. I felt more at peace and not so focused on the fact that I was getting to the boys late, but rather accepting and at peace that I would get there.

Day 9 – Kindness Rather Than Stress

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