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Newsong Church Unleash Campaign – Malawi Update [Newsong Irvine | 09.27.2010] from Newsong Church on Vimeo.

WOW! Even though my trip to Malawi was not that long ago, watching this video brought tears to my eyes. It has been (and probable will continue to be) a LONG journey of processing my experience in Africa. Many times I have felt so numb since I’ve been back. I’m not sure if it’s God’s grace over my heart and spirit because what we saw and experienced was intense and at times overwhelming…

I still have a hard time finding the words to express what I did, what I saw, and what I learned. I’m positive there is more that God wants for me to learn and internalized…just unsure of what it is right now.

What God has showed me so far…

The Malawi people are a BEATIFUL people! So welcoming and giving, even though they have so little physical positions in our understanding. I loved how my friend Angela put it::

“Malawi’s wealth is in it’s people!!”

Angela was so beautifully able to put to words what I feel in the whole last part of this video.

Though my 2 weeks in Malawi are over, this journey only began the moment my feet touched Malawian soil and will continue long after I have landed back in the States.

Please continue to prayer for the people of Malawi…God has always been there and will continue to move in mighty ways. His LOVE for them is contagious…surely I have caught that bug. I feel BLESSED that God has allowed me to be apart of what His is doing around the world in such a personally way.

There is only ONE word that could give you a true understanding of Malawi, it’s people and it’s past and future…


Here is my prayer before, during and long after my trip. I pray it will be yours too! I Will Go

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