Paint Can Gift Bag

finished paint can with keyI love making gifts for my friends and family. I get even more excited about wraping them up! I love to add ribbon and accessories that dress up the gift.

A few years ago, my Grandma and Aunt Mimi showed me how to decorate a paint can using paper and trim. They were so cute! I loved the idea so much that I thought it would be a great way to gift wrap the breastfeeding covers, wipe holders and burp cloths I was making for some friends.

Your friends and family will love receiving their gift in such a fun and stylish way! Have FUN!


* 1 gallon paint can (you can go smaller if you’d like, but my measurements are for the 1 gallon)

* Left over fabric from making breastfeeding cover (or new fabric if you want)

* Ribbon

* Sticky Strip tape (I used mine from Stampin’ Up)

* Hot Glue

* Iron and Ironing board

Let’s Get Started!

1. Cut fabric 5″x20.5″ (I did not have a piece long enough to go all the way around, so I put two strips together. Also, I allowed 4″ so I could add stitch design @ either end, but you want the finished width to be 4″)

2. Fold raw edges under 1/2″ along both sides. Press. Sew. Fold under one width edge 1/2″. Press. Sew

3. Wrap sticky strip tape around paint can.

4. Attach fabric to paint can.

5. Tie ribbon around center of fabric.B&B blog pics 019

6. Trace circle to fit top of paint can lid (Place fabric in lid and trace with pen along the edge)

7. Cut out circle and attach to lid with sticky strip tape or hot glue.

Paint can lid

8. Attach ribbon around the edge of lid with hot glue.

9. Cut/tare fabric strips and ribbon, then tie onto handle. Tie ribbon key and attack to can.

Paint can handle

You can fit a Cover, wipe holder and burp cloth and still be able to close the lid. If you can’t close the lid, that’s okay, just have lots of tissue paper sticking out. It will still look GREAT!

finished paint can

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