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My First Bedroom Set

Dropped off the final pieces to a bedroom set I’ve been working on over the past month. It’s for a girls room – one three years old and a little one “on-the-way”. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys and making “boy” things, working on this “girlie” project was such a blast!

I love the colors and prints (all Michael Miller fabrics – he is my favorite designer). Super fun, a little funky and totally girlie… wish I could take credit for picking all the fabrics out, but that’s all “Mama Liz’s” creative eye.

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Breastfeeding Cover

How to make your own Breastfeeding cover!

Breastfeeding Cover

Breastfeeding Cover

When I was pregnant with my 2nd “little guy” (who is not so little…we call him Moo-moo), a friend of mine told me how she found this free pattern for breastfeeding covers online!

I was really wanting one, but was having a difficult time with the idea of a piece of material costing $30+. So, embarked on my cover-making-extravaganza! I made 3 in one evening; gave 2 away as gifts and one for myself.

After using mine for the past 7 months now, there were some things that i felt were lacking from the pattern that I found, and I wanted to share my new found ideas with others…hope you find them helpful.

I use a lot of pics to help illustrate because that’s what I find most helpful for me – ENJOY!


* 1 yard Fabric (for a great selection check out M&L fabrics)

* D ring – I used 1 1/4 inch

* Corset Boning. You need 1/2 yard @ ~1/4 inch wide and most stiff (wow, that got dirty fast!)

* Thread

* Iron and ironing board (optional, but it makes things so much easier sew)

* Snaps and attacker

Lets get started!

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