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Why Water?

What if this was your boys? That’s what I thought looking at this. I have 2 boys and these kids don’t look much older than my oldest. I couldn’t image my son having to walk hours everyday to collect water…dirty water!

And that’s all they have to drink!!! I will confess, I don’t think I wouldn’t let my boys bathe in that water these boys are collecting to drink.

The statistics are overwhelming to say the least.

* 37,800 children under 5 years old DIE EVERY WEEK from preventable diseases contracted from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions.

* Every year (in Africa) women and children spend 40 billion hours walking miles to the nearest water source like the one the kids are at in the picture – unprotected and likely to make them sick.

I saw this quote on a picture:

“Where you are born should not decide whether you have access to clean water.”

Help us FIGHT to eliminate these current realities of unclean water and sickness for Malawi kids and their families. Join the Kuvina team TODAY. To find out how you can help visit:

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