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An Experience Jar:: A Teacher’s Christmas Gift

Every year teachers get so much STUFF during the holiday time. Mugs, candy, bags, etc. I really enjoy giving a gift that has a special meaning attached to it, but don’t usually have a lot of money to make that happen.

This year, as my husband and I started talking about ideas for Christmas gifts we came across a few posts about “minimalist gift ideas.” They are a little different then you might think. One of my favorites ideas was to focus on giving gifts that create experiences. I thought this would be perfect for a teachers gift… but how to do this on a small budget?

This is the idea that came to me::

What’s in the jar::

1. cranberries

2. popcorn cornels

3. 1 needle

4. bakers twine

5. mason jar (I thought the blue was festive)

It’s a gift of memories with friends and family. It includes all the “ingredients” needed to spend time with someone(s) special in their life. Either to make a holiday decoration, or a special snack with the yummy smells of the holiday. It’s simple, but meaningful.