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Day #18 GOODchristmas:: International Migrants Day

Did you know that every year there are about 4 billion T-shirts sold worldwide? When was the last time you thought about who made the shirt you’re wearing?

When we think about the people that make our stuff overseas, we may think of large, urban factories in developing countries like China, India, and Bangladesh. But did you know that most of the stuff made in these urban factories is made by migrants that come from rural areas? Migrants are people who must move place-to-place for work because they can’t find work in their own communities. Having to migrate for work has created cycles of poverty in these rural areas as well as other issues such as:  abandon children, broken families and communities, and increased vulnerability to crimes of injustice like human trafficking.

Today, wear your shirt inside out to help bring awareness to International Migrants Day. Take time to reflect: there is a face, with a family, with hopes,  dreams and a future that made what you’re wearing. Also, check out FACES Apparel. They are a wholesale T-shirt company that uses fair-wage Mobile Factories that bring work to struggling communities globally.

           “Factories don’t make products, people do.” – FACES Apparel

For the next month, or maybe even the next year, wear all your shirts inside and talk to people about why. Do some research. Find out more about how you can help be a voice of change and hope for the migrant worker. How will this impact the way you shop throughout the year and the clothes you buy?