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I’m leaving on a jet plane…for 25 hours!

* (en) Malawi Location * (he) מיקום מלאווי
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This summer I have the AMAZING opportunity to do a Medical Mission to Nkhoma, Malawi. And you heard me right…it is about 25 hour and multiple plane trip to this village in Malawi, Africa.

Yet, I can’t be more excited about this trip  with Y-Malawi and my church Newsong – I get to actually met, physically touch and help the kids that many of my friends sponsor through World Vision. I get to see where the water well we are trying to build through Kuvina::an art auction will be built. And I get to use my nursing skills to help people on the other side of the globe, which has been my passion and inspiration for going into nursing.  I talk a little more about how, what and why in my support letter.

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