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One Day Without Shoes!

As a family my husband, my 2 boys, and myself went barefoot today in collaboration with Toms Shoes to bring awareness to the children around the world (locally and globally) that go with shoes EVERYDAY.

We spent most of the day at the beach (an already planned trip), so I feel a little like we cheated, but my husband Scott did walk the whole wood pier – fish guts and all – to get us lunch.

It was easy to keep the traveling low for one day, but for those kids that Toms is working to help, it is an everyday reality. They don’t have the luxury of putting off walking for miles to get water.

As for our local kids that don’t have shoes. YES! you heard me right, there are kids even in the USA that need help from Toms too. In planning out our morning, my husband said, we’d better pack a lunch because we won’t be able to go into any restaurants without shoes. That made me think what it feels like to be one of these kids in the US without shoes. Feelings of shame, fear? Dehumanized? Have they been kicked out of places for not having shoes? Do kids tease them? Laugh at them. How does something that seems as simple as shoes, make or break how some of these kids are treated – how they live?

Powerful for me to think about today. We were only 4 of many.See what others are saying about their ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES experience.

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